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A Valentine Treat for Adults at the Children’s Museum
Are you looking for something special, different, even wacky, to do for a Valentine date? I mean, you can always go to dinner, a movie, a concert, or whatever, but wouldn't it be fun to do something special with your someone special, that is really "out-of-the-box?"
You can treat your Valen…
Spectrum Health Announces top Baby Names of 2015
There are some newcomers to Spectrum Health's top ten baby names for both girls and boys this year. Elizabeth, Evelyn and Natalie enter the top ten for girls. Levi, Grayson and Owen enter the top ten for boys.
See the full top ten lists from Spectrum Health.
Here are the Top Toys for Christmas
Do you have your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping finished, wrapped and ready to go? Are you kidding?
Okay, seriously, most of us are still madly rushing about gathering presents and are somewhat clueless as to what to by the kids and grandkids.
Have no fear, I have this handy-dandy guide to the top Chr…
A Child’s Milestones are Priceless [Video}
We love our kids tons, right? Our grandkids are priceless. It's especially heartwarming to be able to enjoy each "milestone" of our kids lives. You know, saying their first word, taking their first step, going potty for the first time.
However, I think one of the cutest milesto…

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