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Heroic 15-Year-Old Rescues Abducted Girl
What a heart-warming story.  I don't know if you caught this on the news awhile back or not, but I thought it was a good idea to discuss it again, of how getting involved can pay off.
15-year-old Temar Boggs from Gable Park Woods, PA, was hailed as a hero after chasing down the car in which a five-ye…
LaughFest Tries for Another World Record
The nation’s first ever community-wide festival of laughter, Gilda’s LaughFest, announced plans to kick off this year’s festival by inviting the community to help set another Guinness World Record on Thursday, March 6, for the most people wearing sunglasses in the dark.
A Music Video Celebrates Snow Days! [VIDEO]
Yesterday, I had a video for you about creative ways to announce school is closed due to snow.  Boy, have we had a lot of those days.
Well, today, here's a North Carolina family that made a music video about something many families in America have been dealing with this winter -- snow days.
Whitecaps Tickets on Sale Saturday at Fifth Third Ballpark Open House
Play ball!
Baseball is just around the corner; really. Spring training and the regular season bring us eternal hope that the snow will be gone and it will be warm!
For the West Michigan Whitecaps, their season will open soon enough, and, yes, at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park. Construction cont…

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