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Mom Lip-Syncs Her Daughter’s Temper Tantrum [Video]
This is an adorable video for moms everywhere.
We all know that being a mom requires a lot of patience and a lot of skill. Let's face it, moms put up with so much. When the kids are little, even big, dealing with your kids' moods is tough. But, this mom may have a very creative answer.
Daughter Loses Tooth by Javelin Throw [Video]
Losing a tooth, the natural way, is like a sign of growing up, right? Kids are so proud when they lose a tooth. They're getting older, feeling proud, not to mention the Tooth Fairy will come with money.
However, losing a tooth can be traumatic. And parents have to help a bit, and be creative, at…
Hilarious Family Game Pie in the Face [Video]
There's nothing better than a fun game night with your family at home.
I've never seen this game before, but we may have to pick up "Pie in the Face."
Check out this adorable little boy and his grandpa as they play Pie In the Face.

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