Adopt Bronwyn From Crash’s Landing
Taxes are done and summer is just around the corner. Things are starting to look pretty good in West Michigan. You're just one step away from a truly unforgettable summer. Adopt Bronwyn from Crash's Landing and make it a year you'll never forget!
People Doing Good – Ionia Woman Saves a Turtle
I say it a lot, we’re all in this together; which is why I love finding stories of “People Doing Good”.
Today’s goodness comes from Ionia, where Holli Skibinski saw what looks like possibly a snapping turtle crossing Steele Street yesterday...
April The Giraffe FINALLY Has Her Baby, FOR REAL!
Well, it finally happened!  When I woke up Saturday morning, April, the giraffe, had finally had her baby.
The giraffe calf was born just before 10 a.m. Saturday morning at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. It only took a half an hour before the calf was up and walking around.…
Adopt Kate Spayed From Crash’s Landing
Crash's Landing provides an excellent service to West Michigan by providing shelter for hundreds of cats. It's important work, but they like to have a little fun along the way too and that often includes clever names for their cats.
This week we'd like to introduce you to Kate Spa…

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