Andy Rent

Things and Places We Miss From Grand Rapids’ Past published an article about obsolescence, businesses and things that have been a part of our lives for years, but because of emerging technologies, changing shopping/dining habits, are going away, never to be seen again. Our world is changing at a record pace.
Picnic Pops Concerts Begin Next Weekend
Grand Rapids Symphony’s D&W Fresh Market Picnic Pops is just around the corner, and this summer brings more classic pop/rock to Cannonsburg than ever, beginning next weekend! Here’s what’s new at the 2017 Picnic Pops.
Visit Mackinac Island in 1944 and Step Back In Time [Video]
I don't know what you may have planned for this 4th of July weekend, but I know the Rent's, there are a lot of us, will be heading up to Traverse City for a Cherry Festival weekend. However, our weekend wouldn't be complete without a day trip to beautiful Mackinac Island.
Grand Rapids Then and Now Reveal
Tuesday, I posted some historical pictures of some downtown Grand Rapids streets that I found on the GR Retro website. I made it kind of a guessing game asking if you recognized where these pictures were taken, because things sure have changed around here since "back in the day." W…
Grand Rapids Then and Now
Downtown Grand Rapids sure has come a long way. It was a West Michigan center for retail, enterprise and entertainment way back when. Then it fell into decay with age, retail moved out to shopping malls, and the streets "rolled up" in the evening. Then, things began to change again, 20 plu…
How do you Like Your Beer? How About With a Shot of Coffee
Bell's Brewery just announced a new addition to its great beer lineup. It's Arabicadabra! Say what? Arabicadabra! Say it slowly, Ar-a-bi-ca-dabra. Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it. Actually, it's better tasted than pronounced because it's a coffee milk stout.
Would You Like to be a Star?
Admit it, you've always wanted to be on stage, maybe singing and dancing, but you have never taken the leap. Times a wastin, and hour chance is coming this weekend.

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