Finally, after 38 years we have answer.  Carly Simon says she whispers the name of the person who "You're so vain" was written about in a newly released version of the song.  About two and a half minutes into the song, Carly whispers, "David".  (Did I mention you have to listen to the song backwards?)  The answer to the question of who is the man who walks into a party like he was walking on a yacht could be David Geffen, who was the head of Carly's  Elecktra record label in 1972.  Theories have swirled for years that it could be  ex-boyfriends Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens or even Kris Kristofferson.  David Cassidy and David Bowie have been eliminated.  Last year Carly had a contest to make a video about the song.  Here's the winning video.

Simon, 64, confirmed in an interview with Uncut magazine that the whisper alluded to her former lover. "I'm just going to tell you this," she said. "The answer is on the new version ofYou're So Vain. There's a little whisper — and it's the answer to the puzzle."