Halloween is over, and it was fun.  We went out with the kids, door to door, watching their excited, happy faces as they shouted 'trick or treat.'

When we got back home there was the ritual of checking all the goodies, seeing what you got.  Then, it hits you.

That's a lot of candy.  It's yummy and all, but.....that's a lot of candy.  What do we do with it all?

Well, of course you can always eat the candy, but for parents looking to hold off on sugar-buzzed children or for someone who doesn't want to eat the same candy for weeks, there is this option, the Buy-back program.

Several area Orthodontists and Dentists, always concerned with our teeth, have started offering a candy buy-back program.  Typically, offices will give toothbrushes, coupons, cash and other items in exchange for candy, which is then sent to our troops in care packages.

What a great idea.  Your helping, and thanking our troops, and taking care of your kids teeth.  No, you don't have to sell it all back, simply take in what you want.  After all, who wants to lose all those mini Snickers.

To find offices in the area that participate in the candy buy-back program, here is the website to visit, HalloweenCandyBuyback.com.