Last year, a cyclist was killed while using a trail crossing at M-6 and Byron Center Avenue in Byron Township near Wyoming.  Due to safety concerns, the crossing is now being closed and moved further north.

Are there any other West Michigan trail crossings which should be closed and/or moved due to safety?

I've been on the Fred Meijer M-6 Trail with my kids.  We'd head west along M-6 up to Byron Center Avenue, then we would turn around.  Never once did we attempt to cross traffic at M-6 and Byron Center Avenue.  Too much traffic, the intersection was too wide, and the light was too short.  The decision to move the crossing is a good one. has more on the trail crossing:

Wyoming will fund about two-thirds of the $115,000 project, with Kent County Road Commission paying the rest, according to city documents.

“We’ve been working on this ever since the trail went in” a few years ago after the highways was built, said Bill Dooley, the city’s public works director.

Last July, Larry Martin was struck and killed by a southbound vehicle as he rode his bicycle east across Byron Center Avenue.

Dooley said the current crossing will be fenced off to discourage trail users from crossing Byron Center near M-6. Trail users instead will be encouraged to cross at a point near where the city sidewalk currently stops, several hundred feet north near Metro Way SW. Dooley said he expects work to start later this month.

Are there any other trail crossings in West Michigan which should be moved or closed?