Walt Dairy Farm in Coopersville hosted over 2,000 people on Saturday for 'Breakfast on the Farm'.

'Breakfast on the Farm' is organized by Michigan State University.  The free event takes place at farms across Michigan throughout summer.

Lines for breakfast at Walt Dairy Farm were long, with waits of almost two hours for many, but the food was good and the tour of the farm provided a variety educational opportunities.

If you're willing to take a road trip, there are more opportunities to enjoy 'Breakfast on the Farm':

  • August 17 - Gratiot County hosted by Humm Farm in Breckenridge
  • September 7 - Montcalm County hosted by Black Locust Farms in Stanton
  • September 21 - Hillsdale County hosted by Ferry Farms in Litchfield

Breakfast is free, but requires a ticket.  Learn more here. 

My advice?  Arrive early!  Tours through the farm have little to no wait and don't require a ticket, but the free breakfast is very popular and had a very long line on Saturday.

Take a look at the pictures below from 'Breakfast on the Farm' at Walt Dairy Farms in Coopersville from July 13.

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