It looks like Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band might be tending to some unfinished business later this year. Seger's longtime saxophonist Alto Reed tells "Rolling Stone" the band is talking about a fall tour where the guys would play markets they missed earlier this year. Back in March, the band kicked off its first trek since 2007 and Reed said those 28 shows were some of their best in decades. But they didn't get to spend as much time on the East Coast as they might have liked, so they're making plans for a second leg that would stop in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, among others.

Seger first mentioned a tour extension in May during an interview with "Billboard." At that time, he said it might get under way in late October, but no official start date has been announced.

Meanwhile, Seger is also working on a new album. He said the untitled record -- which would be his first since 2006's "Face the Promise" -- is about "half-done."