Anyone who is an animal lover and has rehabilitated an animal might be able to relate to this heartwarming story of a pup, who got a second chance in life.  This is the journey of Fiona, a little poodle who was blind, flea infested, frightened, and rescued from a pile of trash.

This video shows her journey as her vision was restored!  Hope for Paws chronicled her journey, beginning when someone made that first phone call for help.

The Hagars, Fiona's rescuers, took her to Dr. Michael Chang, a Los Angeles veterinarian specializing in ophthalmology, who determined the dog was indeed blind. Hope for Paws posted Fiona’s story online, hoping to raise enough money for the expensive surgery.  They received donations from all over the world.

Viewers can watch as Dr. Chang performs the surgery to replace the lens in the dog’s eye. Only one eye could be saved, but it was enough.  See Fiona as she becomes the best doggie she can be; a playful, tail-wagging pup who runs around the doctor’s office.  This is a reminder that we cannot turn our backs on animals, those who cannot help themselves; because, how would you feel if someone turned their back on you?  Even if you are in horrible conditions … things will get better.”

Fiona has been adopted and the video shows a very different Fiona, she’s a happy dog with a really great family.  Fiona's story has a fairytale ending...