Big Brother will award $500,000 to the season's winner.  It's a prize worth fighting for.

One Big Brother 15 houseguest has the black eye to prove it.

[Spoilers about this week's Veto competition]

The intensity of Big Brother grows each week as the houseguests grow closer to the end and their chance at $500,000.

Elissa and Helen were nominated for eviction this week and needed to fight for their survival in the Veto competition.

Elissa was determined to save herself no matter who gets in her way.

Just ask Andy.

This week's Veto competition was the classic Big Brother game "OTEV". (Veto backwards.)  The game has become physical in the past and this week was no different.

Elissa wanted the Veto badly and Andy got in her way.

Andy ended up with the worst of that exchange and a black eye courtesy of Elissa and some physical play.

Check out the video below from a past Big Brother season "OTEV" competition to see why Andy said he was "Enzo'd".

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