I have another tear-jerker of a video for you today. Yesterday it was the little baby who heard his mothers voice for the first time with hearing aids, and today, it's about a man who needed a kidney transplant.

To say these Texas friends are close is a huge understatement. All best friends share a lot in common, but few could say they share a kidney.

NBC Dallas followed the story of Danny Kolzow who has been in need of a kidney for a while and no donors have been available. That's where his buddy Graham McMillan comes in. Graham had himself tested to see if he could be a donor and and when he found out that he's a positive match, he knew he had to save his friend's life. But first, he had to have some fun by surprising him with the good news.



Ironically, Danny works as a nurse in a hospital. Danny was so shocked by the surprise, and everyone else in the hospital was just as moved. There wasn't a dry eye in the hospital.

The transplant surgery took place Wednesday in Dallas. Wednesday afternoon, according to NBC Dallas, Mary Kolzow, mother of Danny Kolzow, and Claire McMillan, wife of Graham McMillan, shared a joint statement: Danny and Graham are recovering, doing well and praising Jesus.