Seems like lots of people are having problems with the latest iOS update, but others have sailed through with no problems.

I'm still on iOS 5 on an iPhone 4; although I've been prompted to update to iOS 6 for quite a while, I've held off because there are some voicemails on my phone that I want to save and I'm worried that some update glitch will delete them!

Anyway, I've been seeing lots of stories about bugs in the iOS 7.  The latest is one about being able to dial numbers even from the "locked" screen.

Here's info from

The bug can be activated by hitting the "Emergency" button on the iPhone's lock screen. Dial any number, then rapidly hit the green call button until you see the Apple logo screen — the same screen that comes up when the phone is turned on. The phone will begin to ring, and your call should connect.  Mashable was able to replicate this on two different iPhone 5 models running iOS 7.

They say the bug wasn't duplicated on a 5S running iOS 7.0.1.