Have you ever wondered how astronauts live in space? Well, until May 6, the Grand Rapids Public Museum is hosting the "Facing Mars Exhibition," featuring 28 interactive displays that will answer questions that range from performing medical surgeries to going to the bathroom on a voyage to Mars. Really though...where does it go?

There is a lot more to space travel than just floating around a tight corridor while doing somersaults (although that does look incredibly entertaining in Apollo 13). In fact,  a trip to Mars can last up to three years. Even somersaulting would get boring after three years, so there has to be more that we don't know about.

The purpose of this exhibit it to allow visitors to experience all aspects of this adventure by participating in Mars-walking simulations and learning about food and air quality in space, medical emergencies and other issues that astronauts face on a journey to the fourth planet.

However, the journey doesn't stop with the trip to space. The planet itself poses many struggles including drastic temperature changes and dust storms. It may be mind-boggling to learn that astronauts have a difficult time sustaining muscle tone in environments with microgravity.

You don't have to be a super science buff or a Star Trek nerd to appreciate this adventure. Space exploration is cool whether you are three or 83. Entrance to the exhibit costs $4 on top of museum general admission. Live out your dream to be an astronaut and find out more at http://www.grmuseum.org/.