The Detroit Tigers are preparing to open the 2013 MLB playoffs with a visit to Oakland.

Anything less than a World Series Championship will be a disappointment for the Tigers.

Can they do it?

The Detroit Tigers lost in the World Series last year. They also lost in the World Series in 2006.

Could a third trip be in order in 2013?  Is the third time a charm?  I think so.

Nobody's pitching rotation can match Detroit's which makes them the team to beat, once again.

Let's see what the "experts" think:

If you have to go through Verlander, Scherzer and Sanchez, in any order, to win it all, um, good luck to you.So remember, you heard it here first: Tigers in six.

  • ESPN also has predictions from a group of 35 analysts.  Eight of them pick the Tigers to win the World Series.  8 of 35.  Tigers fans, this is not the ratio you're looking for.  It seems the other 27 analysts expect teams to employ some sort of Jedi mind trick on the Tigers' pitching rotation.
  • has predictions from six analysts.  Three of them have the Tigers in the World Series.  Two of them have the Tigers winning the World Series. The other three (who are clearly wrong) have the Tigers losing to Oakland in their opening series.
  • Vegas odds currently have the Tigers at 5/1.  Same as St. Louis, but behind the Dodgers and Red Sox.

What's you prediction?

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