Last week, I wrote a blog about Barry Manilow, and his donation of a piano to the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Manilow had started a foundation, The Manilow Fund for Health and Hope, to, not only personally donate a piano,  to GRPS, but also to encourage local fans to donate used instruments.  They would then would be given to local schools.

A few days before his concert at the VanAndel Arena, Manilow teased people with the plea of donate a used instrument and get two free tickets to my concert.

How did all of that turn out?

Well, at last count, 25 instruments have been donated, including a keyboard, trombone, oboe, clarinets, flute and a guitar.

But, just because the concert if  over, that doesn't mean you can't donate used musical instruments to GRPS.  Right now they are trying up to improve both the art and music programs in the schools, so your donation will go to very good use.

Thanks you, Barry Manilow Music Project.