Are you kidding?  A wedding dress made out of balloons?  You bet, and it's the latest, hottest thing this year.  Oh sure, you'd love to have your dream, designer wedding dress, but who can afford it?

Vera Wang is designing Kim Kardashian's wedding gown. Kate Middleton's fabulous wedding dress by Alexander McQueen creative designer Sarah Burton cost more than $400,000. The dresses are stunning, but most brides can't afford custom-made couture, and even an off-the-rack dress can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily for those who don't want to go the mass market route yet still want a one-of-a kind dress to wear on the Big Day, there is another option—and at a fraction of the price a princess might pay.

The catch? These gorgeous gowns aren't made of silk or satin or lace—they're made out of balloons. Hundreds and hundreds of balloons.

Take a look.  There might be one for you, or, you could just "blow up" your own dress.