Just saw a story that says BAGGER DAVE'S is coming to downtown Grand Rapids!

Sometime in the middle of 2013, downtown GR will have have Bagger Dave's as another dining option.  It will be located at 241 West Fulton; the best way I can think to describe that location is sort of on the "side" of Plaza Towers just before you cross the river.


The Grand Rapids Business Journal has all the info:

...the Bagger Dave’s chain a “unique, full-service,

ultra-casual restaurant and bar,” complete with 30 various toppings and signature favorites like the Sloppy Dave’s BBQ and the Train Wreck Burger.

Ansley said he hopes the Grand Rapids site will be as successful as those in Cascade and Grandville have been. If so, he said Bagger Dave’s might expand again.

“We’re looking at sites . . . Muskegon, Alpine, and Knapp’s Corner, but we haven’t secured anything yet,” he said.