It's that time again!  School is getting ready to start, but are the students prepared?

Here are some essential school supplies:

  • Notebooks – try wide-ruled for Elementary and Middle School, and college-ruled for High School
  • No.2 pencils – ScanTron is a new way to score tests and it requires No.2
  • Pens of different colors – some teachers like to have students correct each other’s work with red or blue pens
  • Three-ring binders – one for each class.  It is amazing what binders will do for keeping a student organized, and it’s never too early to start! (Well, maybe kindergarten is a bit early…)
  • Pencils – mechanical or not.  Wait…did I mention this already? Students never have enough pencils and they are very easy to lose!

Know what you need!  Different students have different learning styles.  Parents; if your child doesn’t use hi-lighters or index cards, don’t buy them!  However, if your child has never used those items, they might be worth buying.  Show your kids new ways to study with the supplies you bought – you never know what will help develop their study skills.

On top of supplies, students need appropriate clothing.  Pay attention to school dress codes!  Dress codes will differ from Elementary to Middle to High School.  Many schools now post their codes on their websites, but here are a few things to remember:

  • No sagging pants or short skirts/shorts.  Schools don’t want to see anyone’s underwear or otherwise.
  • Have kids lift their arms before they leave – if more than an inch of tummy is showing it will be an issue.
  • Shoulder straps on tank tops have to be at least 3 inches wide and can’t be cut-offs.
  • Hats, bandanas, and most other head coverings are no longer allowed in a majority of schools.
  • Many schools no longer allow clothing with skulls on it.
  • Many schools no longer allow spikes or chains.

These suggestions are all assuming that you know the basics already; students need backpacks, they can’t wear pajamas, and they don’t need their cell phones!

If you can think of any other odd things that teachers might require, please let us know in the comments below!

Has a teacher ever asked you to bring something strange to class?