As warmer temperatures and spring near, kids will be heading outside more often.  Some will be supervised. Some won't be.

At what age is it OK to let kids roam the neighborhood unsupervised?

Lots of variables to consider.

Some neighborhoods are never safe for unsupervised play.  Some kids are more mature than others, regardless of age.

I routinely see kids in the street with no concern for oncoming traffic.  Running, walking, biking, riding go-carts, etc.

It's hard to know whether the kids don't understand the danger of oncoming traffic or just don't care.  Either way, it's a scary situation.

Unsupervised outdoor play starts with an understanding and respect for traffic and vehicles, then moves on to many other concerns from there.

My oldest is 6-years-old.  I'm very cautious about unsupervised outdoor playtime for her.

What has worked for your family?