The FDA is currently inducting a routine investigation into a possible link between Monster Energy Drink and five deaths.

Monster is defending their product as safe, while at least one family is suing the company.

At what age is it OK for kids to have energy drinks?

The safety of energy drinks has often been questioned.  As with most products, moderation is key.  But can kids be trusted to use and understand moderation?

My kids are 6 and under.  I wouldn't be comfortable with them having energy drinks for many years.  Maybe high school age.  Maybe older.  Even then, moderation is what it's all about.

I'd rather see a 5-year-old have a sip, than a 16-year-old chug two cans.  Having a child who understands how to use energy drinks responsibly is more important than age.

Setting an age limit on purchasing energy drinks is not the answer.  As with everything else, kids will find a way to get it if they want it.

Parents need to help their kids make responsible decisions about energy drinks by making sure they understand the risks involved.

Learn more about the FDA's current investigation.