Twas the night before ArtPrize and all through GR, not a person was sleeping, not even in a house.  Or something like that.  I've never been good at poetry.

But I *am* excited about ArtPrize!  All over Grand Rapids, artists are placing their work for hundreds of thousands of people to see.

Heck, even the Wall Street Journal gave us some love:

There may be more prestigious awards for artists, such as the Guggenheim's Hugo Boss Prize or the Tate's Turner Prize. Yet none gives away more money than ArtPrize, which begins its fifth season on Wednesday and runs to Oct. 6. Before it's over, organizers will bestow a total of $560,000 on winners in 16 categories, including a $200,000 award selected by the hundreds of thousands of people expected to visit the event here, a city otherwise known for furniture making, President Gerald Ford and a nickname it would rather forget—"Bland Rapids."

Read more from the Wall Street Journal article HERE.