Even though we have over two-and-a-half weeks to enjoy ArtPrize, it's not enough time to see everything worth seeing.

Some venues and curators, such as UICA and SiTE:LAB, continue to impress with their excellent collections and large venues.  They are both must-see venues again this year, but it doesn't take a large venue to have a great collection.

Learn about a smaller must-see venue you may have missed.


Calvin College - (106) Gallery is host to 7 entries in ArtPrize 2012.  Sometimes less is more.  (106) Gallery is a must-see venue.

Artprize.org has details about (106) Gallery:

The (106) Gallery and Studio is operated by the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History.  During ArtPrize, the gallery strives to curate a cohesive exhibition that presents multiple artists with compelling and complementary artwork.  In 2011, the gallery featured  nine artists, including the ArtPrize "Sustainability Award" winner, Laura Milkins.

(106) Gallery is located at 106 South Division Avenue.  It's very close to many of the larger venues with more ArtPrize entries and is worth the short walk.

Pictured above is Romanian-born, Chicago-based artist Anca Gray's "unfinished poem" which can be seen at (106) Gallery.