Getting out to see art and vote on your favorite pieces is what makes ArtPrize so much fun.

ArtPrize's rules and award categories continue to change year-to-year, but it's the people's vote that makes the contest what it is. 

ArtPrize continues to make adjustments and improvements to the competition, but the way we vote has remained consistent.

ArtPrize runs September 19 - October 7.  There are two rounds of voting.  Each round works differently.



  • September 19 at noon - September 29 at 11:59pm.
  • Vote for as many of the 1,517 entries as you want to.
  • The top ten vote-getters advance to Round 2.


  • September 30 at 2:00pm - October 4 at 11:59pm.
  • Vote for 1 of the top ten finalists.

To vote, you must first create a voting account and register that account downtown.  ArtPrize's app can make voting a simpler, faster process.

Learn more about how voting works from ArtPrize.