Grand Rapids is fortunate to have fine art galleries.  The Grand Rapids Art Museum is world class, and Kendall College, in partnership with Ferris State has some wonderful galleries.

Grand Valley State University has the Gordon Gallery in their downtown campus DeVos Center, and proudly displays their extensive collection throughout the downtown and Allendale campuses.

We also have many private galleries with fine collections.

But did you know that the East Grand Rapids library has an art gallery? It does! One of the great things that came from the renovation and expansion of the Community Center and library nearly six years ago was a space to display works of art.

The gallery is on the main level of the library; walk down the aisle toward Lakeside Street and at the end of the aisle, you are in the gallery. While not enormous, the space was designed to display works of art and house an art book collection.

Take a few minutes the next time you are in the library to check out the talents of local artists.