With all of the pictures and live TV shots taken during ArtPrize, there is no doubt that ArtPrize is the busiest time of the year for photobombing in Grand Rapids.

Sometimes intentional.  Sometimes not.

Let's not miss the importance of what art critic and New York Magazine columnist Jerry Saltz has to say about SiTE:LAB at ArtPrize.

Referring to SiTE:LAB, Saltz says:

Every time I've ever seen one of these shows it's one of the best things I've ever seen.

It's well-deserved praise.

But as the conversation goes on, you can't help but wonder what the small child in the background will do next.

I made a few visits to SiTE:LAB during ArtPrize.  This could easily have been my 3-year-old in the background.  Trust me.

SiTE:LAB + ArtPrize = A great place to introduce kids to art!

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