ArtPrize's Top 25 is out.  We'll know the Top 10 at 1:00pm on Sunday, September 30.

The Top 25 can continue to change between now and Sunday.  Many are hoping it does.

Are you happy with the ArtPrize Top 25?

The Top 25, as announced on September 24, were disappointingly predictable.  Large entries and large venues rule.  As usual.

Take a look at a partial rundown of venues represented in the Top 25.


  • 6 at GRAM
  • 5 at Ford Museum
  • 3 at The B.O.B.
  • 3 at Amway Grand
  • 2 at DeVos Place

It's disappointing to see a lack of variety, but seeing everything at ArtPrize so early might be too much to ask.  The Top 25 could see some big changes over the course of the week as people have more time to see more art.  Hopefully that will lead to a stronger Top 25 and a strong Top 10.

The announcement of the "short list" of 5 venues may spark some change.  SiTE:LAB, one the five best venue finalists, is a must visit.  So is Calvin College's (106) Gallery, which we called a "must-see venue you may have missed" on Sunday.

There is great art in the original Top 25 and at the venues represented with multiple entries, but there is still more great art which deserves recognition.  I am disappointed with the Top 25 announced on September 24, but I am hopeful that the jurors' lists and having more time to see art will help to inspire some change for the better.

Here's the Top 25 as announced on September 24, listed by