Last week, I happened to see this story about "anti-cancer hats" as the reason a group of women was kicked out of a Pennsylvania mall.

These weren't just pink ribbon-type hats, they said "(expletive) Cancer" with a ribbon in place of the "u" in the first word. I did not include a picture of the actual cap because of its potentially offensive nature.  Click this link if you'd like to see the actual cap.

Here's the story from NBCPhiladelphia:

Three sisters say they were kicked out of a popular Pennsylvania mall after refusing to remove profanity-laden hats expressing their hatred of breast cancer.

Zakia Clark, 29, and Tasha Clark, 27, had been at the King of Prussia Mall on Sunday shopping for funeral dresses with a third sister, Makia Underwood. Their mother, Jackie Underwood, died last week after battling the disease.

Zakia and Tasha Clark were wearing hats that had a one-word profanity, the F-word -- with a pink ribbon substituting for the third letter -- before the word cancer.  Zakia Clark says it's the only word strong enough to defeat the word “cancer.

So ... should they have been kicked out?  Should they have had the option to simply remove the hats?  Or should this not have been an issue at all?  Let me know and I'll share some of your responses on the air.

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