Great big thanks to Aaron Mohr, general manager at The Beeches Golf Club in South Haven. Beeches hosted the Andy and Chuck Summer Golf Tour last Thursday.

Tough break for Andy who couldn't make it. I was surrounded by two beautiful women for four hours. It is good to be me.

who were my golf guests. We had a lot of fun. Beeches is a very nice, almost new golf course just east of South Haven. Very nice golf course. If you tend to spray the ball around a little, you'll like The Beeches. Most of the course is wide open. For example, I blocked my drive on 18 well onto the 10th fairway, 40 yards right. Out of bounds most places. With a nice lie on 10th faiway, it was an easy hybrid to the middle of 18 green. Everyone wins.



We have half-price golf at The Beeches on this website. Well worth the 45 minute drive from downtown. Thanks again, we had a great time.