My wife and I absolutely LOVE this city.  Not only because of fantastic people and forward-thinking to keep the city and region relevant, but because GR and West Michigan offer restaurants, stores and experiences that are generally reserved for much larger cities.

Take the Amway Grand and JW Marriott, for example.  Anyone walking through the concourse at the Amway could easily think they were in a hotel in New York City.  Dining, partying or staying at the JW is every bit the experience in GR as it would be in any major city.

Both the Amway Grand Hotel and JW Marriott got a "Four Diamond" lodging ranking from AAA for 2011.  And Cygnus 27 at the (near) top of the Amway received a "Four Diamond restaurant ranking from AAA for 2011.

Grand Rapids has a lot to be proud of, including this latest news!

Source: AAA