Giving back to the community.  These are key words used to describe people and companies living, working and operating here in West Michigan, that believe in helping others.

Amway and Junior Achievement are two of those organizations the believe in giving back. And they're teaming up on a "reverse job shadow day" for students at Burton Middle School.  In other works, instead of students going to a business to observe what they do, the employees come to the students.

"Reverse Job Shadow" has been very successful.  Research shows that students participating in the Junior Achievement Reverse Job Shadow Day programs report a markedly higher understanding of and a greater interest in career opportunities. They also score at a minimum 10% higher on financial literacy assessments.

That is why this Friday, March 15, Amway Junior Achievement volunteers bring this exceptional learning opportunity to 140 Burton Middle School 8th grade students. By sharing their workplace experiences and teaching students about various career paths, Amway employees will offer students the opportunity to become better informed about career opportunities available in West Michigan and more ready for future employment.

140 - eighth grade Burton Middle School students will work with Pamela Hamilton-Hull , Counselor, Burton Middle School, David Madiol, Manager - West Michigan Community Relations, Amway, Julie Boehr, Volunteer Coordinator - West Michigan Community Relations, Amway, and Gregg Hampshire, Education Program Manager, JA of the Michigan Great Lakes.

It all takes place at Burton Middle School, 2133 Buchanan Ave SW, Grand Rapids this Friday, March 15, 2013.

What a wonderful opportunity for all the students.  Actually, it's probably a better opportunity for the "shadowee's."  Getting into schools and having a chance to talk with the students and hear what they need, what they're looking for, what their issues are.....that's huge.