It's been a very strange story that all of us in West Michigan have been following.  It's been full of mystery and intrigue with many questions.

But, all ends well and we have a happy ending.  However, our questions haven't been answered, and it still remains a mystery of what really happened.

A family's prayers were answered as a Zeeland native reported missing more than two weeks ago finally returns home.

Mike Velderman, Amber DeVoe's father said, "I went into tears, because we found out Tuesday that she was safe."

Amber DeVoe moved to Boston nearly four months ago. After not hearing from her for several days, her family and friends filed a missing person report on June 27th.

DeVoe's father says a worker at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico called him Wednesday when his daughter showed up. He was reunited with her later that day at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

DeVoe's father says she has been through "quite an ordeal" and they haven't pushed her for answers as to how she ended up in Mexico City.

Velderman said, "The main thing is she's back, she's safe, she's home, everybody loves her, and that was the main thing we were after, was to have her back home."