It's official:  I want an ocelot.

Residents in Seattle are just the luckiest ever-- they just welcomed a baby ocelot to their Seattle Woodland Park Zoo.

Her name is Evita and I am in love with her.

The 3-month-old spotted feline was born in early 2011 and has since been bonding with its mom behind closed doors.

According to the Woodland Park blog, Evita’s entry into the exhibit was a timid one.

“She would climb the ramp that connects her behind-the-scenes space with the enclosure, poke her head into the exhibit and look around, but then retreat to her den behind-the-scenes,” they say.

Prior to Evita’s debut, the Seattle zoo kept a camera on the mother and her baby for others to watch. Here’s a clip from January when Evita was only 5 days old.

Can you even take the cuteness?