Have you seen the news stories about teens using HAND SANITIZER to get drunk? Scary stuff if you're a parent of a teen or tween.  The story was featured on CBSNEWS and I ran across this info on BuzzFeed.com.

After the jump, check out a few things you might want to know about hand sanitizer.

  • A bottle of sanitizer contains equivalent of about five liquor shots.
  • Teens sometimes mix it with Listerine.
  • Others use salt to separate the alcohol from the sanitizer to make a drink similar to a shot.
  • Drinking this stuff can give you diarrhea, blindness, memory loss and damage your organs.

The most important point for parents: buy the FOAM style sanitizer instead of GEL because it is harder to extract alcohol from the foam than it is the gel.

Scary stuff.

Read the entire story from CBSNEWS.