For nearly 25 years, Ralph Guiles of Muskegon Heights, has tried to find the owner of a high school class ring he found on a Lake Michigan beach near Montague.

WOW! 25 years, and no owner, to be found...that is until now.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13 had the story.  They reported that Guiles found the ring on the beach, and it's a Whitehall High School female ring, class of 1983 with the initials BMR on it.

Guiles said that he contacted the school and learned the only girl in the class of 1983 with those initials is Barbara Reams. But they have no information about her location.

Determined to find the owner of the lost ring he found,  Guiles figures Barbara Reams would be about 47 years old now, and she may be married with a different name, making her harder to locate.

The good news is this story has a happy ending.  After WZZM ran the story on TV, Barb Reams called!  She had seen the story because she lives only a few miles away from Guiles, and has been in the area ever since High School.

How ironic.  Case closed!