I have mentioned on-air several times how allergic to animals I am. There is very little chance my kids will ever have a dog or cat...at least not while I am still around. Too bad, since everyone in my house is an animal lover. Sunday evening, a dog dropped out of the sky and adopted our house as his new home. The dog just showed up.

Clearly, the dog belonged to someone prior. A beautiful, fully-grown female lab/boxer mix. Nice dog. The dog loved my little girl and would sit on the porch waiting for her to come out or come home from school. Never barked, didn't need a leash. Nice dog. It was with great sadness I had to find the dog a new home. We went door-to-door, asked everyone and no one know anything about the dog. We called animal hospitals, the police. No one knew anything. What kind of a person would just dump their animal like that.

After talking about it on-air for two days, a gentleman called and yesterday I took the dog to her new home.

I hope I did the right thing. I hope the dog will be happy and well-treated. She's not a puppy any longer. She needs love and attention. Talk about guilt. The look on the dog's face is still fresh in my mind.