When I was growing up, traditionally, Lego's were always given to boys.  Never mind the fact that girls may like to build things too.  Thank goodness, those stereotypes are no longer in play.  What kid doesn't enjoy playing with those multicolored, interlocking bricks, building houses, and skyscrapers, and cars, and well, just about anything your mind can imagine.  The best part about Lego's is that they can be taken apart again and again and assembled into something else, whatever your mind can imagine.

Ever wonder how Lego got its name?  The inventor was Dutch and Lego  got its name from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play-well".  The original Lego's were wooden but they snapped together so tightly the child had to be Hercules to break them apart!  The Lego Group's motto is det bedste er ikke for godt and that means "the best is never too good".  The inventor/designer of Lego, Ole Kirk, always encouraged his employees never to skimp on quality, it was a value he strongly believed in.  The company still espouses those same values today!

Enough for the interesting history on Lego.  If you and your kids want to play there will be lots o' Lego fun for everyone.  On Tuesday, April 3rd, at 10am in the Plainfield Township Library,  2650 5 Mile Road NE in Grand Rapids all ages are welcome to stop in and make their own Lego creation. The library will provide the Lego's and all you have to do is show up with your imagination and create something new in Lego Land!