Vanessa and I got lucky. Thru no part of ours, our kids seem to have a lot on the ball. While they can't seem to remember to pick up their clothes, dishes, various sporting goods, they do well in school. Like typical parents we ask "what do you want to be when you grow up." Like typical kids, they usually give a blank stare and say "I don't know." That is if we can tear them away from their phone and text-messages. Why not get a degree in that -- phone stuff. They are already good at it.

Want to develop apps for smartphones? Now there's a college degree for that. Rasmussen College, which has campuses in five states and offers online courses, has launched 2- and 4-year degree courses in app making

. The director of the college's School of Technology estimates some 300,000 new software development jobs are going to be created in the next few years, and many of those will be in app development. Rasmussen's program appears to be the first degree in app development, although courses in mobile applications have been around for a few years, and many more institutions are jumping on the bandwagon, notes Digital Trends. With the average app developer making some $63,000 a year, interest in the field is expected to keep surging—along with the number of apps.