Thanks so much to Ann, one of my Facebook friends, for sending me this article.  She said she saw me on WZZM 13 talking about this one story in the news. A few weeks back an employee donated a kidney to her boss who then proceeded to fire her.  By the amount of email and Facebook posts I received, most people did understand the point I was trying to make.  The point being, it's best to not do something expecting something in return.  What was "owed" or "expected" from this so-called "donation" should have been discussed beforehand.  Psychological counseling should have been administered as well.  Besides, something like this should never take place between a superior and subordinate in any way.

A couple days after the conversation I had with Catherine and Stephanie on Take Five & Company, Ann sent me this article about Extraordinary Bosses. We've all worked for them, and possibly you are even working for one now.  You sure can recognize it though when you see it, can't you?  A good boss can impact you positively for the rest of your life and the ripple effect can spread further than your immediate work environment.

So, I wanted to share this with you, since Ann shared it with me.  Have you ever been lucky enough to work for a boss with all or some of these qualities? Maybe you're working for him or her right now?  Let me know what you think.  What was the greatest lesson you ever learned from your boss?

And by the way, even if I am working for, or I have ever worked for a boss that has/had all or most of these qualities, I would still never donate a body part to them;)  That's just crazy!