Out of immense sadness during the holidays comes heart-warming acts of kindness.

People reach out in different ways to help others, especially in a time of need.  But, when a 7-year-old does something special, you pay attention.  After all, 7-year-olds should be playing, having fun, waiting for Santa.

Our news partner, WZZM 13 told us about Landon Wiendenhoeft from Ferrysburg.  He wanted to help the Privacky family of Coopersville.  You see, he found out that it was last Wednesday that 16-year-old Bruce and his 13-year-old sister, Antonia were killed when their car crashed into the back of a Coopersville school bus.

Landon's young aunt, who went to school with Bruce, told him what had happened and that the family couldn't afford a funeral.  That's when 7-year-old Landon took action.  He decided to go door-to-door in his neighborhood and sing Christmas carols to raise money for the Privacky's funeral.

He raised $25. The family hopes Landon's small act of kindness, brings some comfort to the family, and encourages others to help with funeral expenses.