I am getting so tired of hearing about more people in our area losing their job.  I mean, what are these people going to do?  What is the answer to this growing problem? The Bureau Of Labor Statistics keeps telling us it's getting better.  Thy say the unemployment numbers are dropping.  Do you see getting better for yourself or your family and friends?  I don't.  Some economists warn that the declining numbers are deceiving and due more to people dropping out of the work force than to a recovering job market.  I know there are good people throughout our country that continue to lose jobs, get outsourced or just plain forced ou;t but, my concern is with the people right here, right now, in our area.   Take a look at this story.  Watch the video.  Worst part of it is Economists are not touting a very bright future for the next 3-5 years (depending on who you believe).  So what's the answer?