UPDATE:  WZZM reports the iguana was found in the owners' yard.

If you're out watering the flowers tonight keep your eyes open.

The Kent County Health Department has warned that a 4-foot-long iguana has come up missing from its home in Grand Rapids.

Kent County Animal Shelter learned of the missing iguana earlier today.  The iguana went missing from the 500 block of Carrier NE in Grand Rapids.  That's near Leonard Street and College Avenue.

Iguanas are usually harmless but can bite, scratch, and whip their tails when under stress.  Iguanas can be difficult to spot since they can blend into their environment.  Their average size it 6.5 feet and 11 pounds.

The Animal Shelter and Grand Rapids Police Department are asking people to stay away from the iguana and call them if they spot it.

  • Grand Rapids Police Department - 616-456-3400
  • Kent County Animal Shelter - 616-632-7300