Adonna Khare won the Public Vote Award of ArtPrize 2012.

She took home $200,000 for her first place finish and has enjoyed growing popularity since the competition.

Now, Khare's fans have something new to look forward to.

Khare has announced she is working on a book.

Adonna Khare's "Elephants" won the Public Vote of ArtPrize 2012.  It was on display at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Before the win, Khare had a following of 200 fans on Facebook.  Today that following has grown to over 4,700.  Her fans have been buying drawings and commissioning new works since the conclusion of ArtPrize.  Now, Khare is giving fans another way to enjoy her work, she is working on a book with her sister.

Khare told

My sister and I have always wanted to do a book together. She came out for a little bit during ArtPrize to help me for a couple days. As soon as I won we were on the phone already discussing it. I'm working on a book with her. We can't really release what it's about yet, because we're still working out the details, but I started releasing some of the images.

Khare hopes to have the book done and available at ArtPrize 2013.


Both pictures on this page will be in the upcoming book.  Looking forward to seeing more!