Tis the season... for holiday parties galore. If you're like me, you're regretting those Christmas cookies and second (OK, third...)  helping of ham now that I'm staring down the barrel of a New Year's Eve bash this Friday. On the search for flattering evening attire, I found this helpful article on msn.com:

Beyond schmoozing and sipping, cocktail parties are perfect opportunities to celebrate your inner glamour girl—especially if you wear dresses that make you feel svelte, fabulous, and confident.

The following 10 options help accentuate your best features, downplay those you’d rather leave at home, and ensure you’ll stand out for all the right reasons in the holiday party crowd.

One-Shoulder Draped Dress

With a chic elastic belt that cinches your waist and a skirt that makes legs look extra long, you can’t go wrong with this style. Another upside to pencil skirt shapes: They conveniently smooth a lower-stomach pooch, no matter how many patés you sample throughout the night! $105 at Bloomingdale’s.

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